Conical twin screw extruder cincinnati Titan 80

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Executed with second hand screws and barrel for the production of PVC profiles.

It s also possible to order the extruder with pipe screws

Machine execution:

  • Machine complete overhauled
  •  main motor (DC-drive, 78 kW)
  • vacuum pump refurbished
  • new frequency converter for dosing unit
  • new touch screen control with 18,5" 16/9  screen
  • Features of the control
    • weekend timer
    • Recipe management
    • easy to handle
    • Very good quality,made in germany
    • remote maintenance
    • Displaying curves of process values
    • Alarm and history managment
    • exact PID temperature control
    • synchro drive
    • control for haul off
  • Heating zones:
    • 7 off  3-ph 5pin CEE 5,5 kW
    • 1 off  3-ph 5pin CEE 5,5 kW für Adapter
    • 8 off  TC Type J 16 mm Tuchel C70B 3-pol. 4m
  • second hand Barrel CM80 deep nitride,hardened and tempered,including new heating and fan cooling.
  • second hand Screws CM80 complete nitride,contact surfaces, molybdenum coated (Plasma technology) for profile production and granulating

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