Conical twin-screw extruder Cincinnati Titan 58

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-) New barrel and new profile screws with molybdenum coating with new air cooling and new heating bands.

(Made in Germany)


-) Maintenance-free and energy-saving AC  main drive 42kW with
   new  frequency converter KEB ( (made in Germany)


-) New very user-friendly KEB touch screen
   Extruder control (18.5 inch wide screen)
   with many functions such as:

    Haul off control via analog interface
    Synchronous drive of the main motor, dosing device and haul off
    Online access with a web browser or mobile phone
    Data recording of the most important process parameters with
    Data backup and export for Exel or open office
    precise PID temperature control for cylinders and tool zones
    with autotunning
    Weekly timer for automatic barrel preheating
    and tool zones


-) Reconditioned vacuum pump unit new vacuumtank


-) Tool zones:
     8x 1-phase 5pin CEE 5.5 kW
     1x 1-phase 5pin CEE 5.5 kW for adapter
     9x TC Type J 16 mm Tuchel C70B 3-pol.


-) All temperature sensors and melt pressure sensor new
    (German manufacturer)


-) Including adapter


-) Gearbox, new oil filling
   and checked professionally


-) Refurbished dosing unit with new frequency converter


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