Machinery construction and extruder overhaul STK                                     

We are a medium-sized company located south of Vienna in Lower Austria.


You are planning a new acquisition of an extruder?

A new machine is too expensive, but a used extruder is too unsafe for you?

Then we could offer you the right alternative.

We build on the basis of a used machine with proven basic technology, an extruder that meets the latest state of the art.
Your advantage is above all in the price / performance ratio, and your costs are about half the price of a new purchase.

The quality and longevity, corresponds to a new machine.

Our extruders and machines from the series R (refurbished) are sold to customers worldwide.
Our strength lies in the quality of the complete overhaul and production of extrusion machines according to customer requirements ( process unit, integration of haul off, AC-motor modification, ).


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