New twin-screw extruder STK-HMG 65-22

Twin screw extruder for the production of PVC pipe and profile.


Available extruder:


STK-HMG 65-22





  • Quality made in Austria
  • High-quality components from leading European manufacturers
  • Design and equipment to customer specifications
  • Many options already available in the basic version


Technical data:


Screw counter rotation:            65mm/22D

Output capacity-pipe:               200-220 kg/h

Output capacity-profile:            150-180 kg/h

Max. speed:                             61rpm

Barrel heater:                          18,8kW

No. of barrel cooling zone:        3

Motor drive:                             30kW

Dosing feeder:                         0,75kW

Weight:                                   2200kg

Vacuum pump:                        0,75kW

Adapter                                  0,75kW

Tooling die zones:                    1x adapter zone, 5x tool zones

 Dimension:                             length: 3100mm, width: 1300mm, height: 2300mm   





  • user friendly touch screen extruder control (18,5 zoll wide screen) with many functions like
  • for example:
  • haul off control by analog interface
  • synchro drive by main motor dosing device and haul off
  • receipt storage
  • Online access with web browser or mobile phone
  • Data recording of the most important process parameters with data backup and export for Excel or open office
  • precise PID temperature control for cylinders and tool zones with auto-tuning    
  • Weekly timer for automatic preheating of cylinders and tool zones
  • Years of proven screw geometry for PVC applications
  • Made in germany
  • Frequency converters
  • Made in Germany
  • 1 x adapter zone
  • 5 x tool zones
  • number of tool zones expandable
  • interface for haul off (synchron controlling)
  • melt pressure sensor included with security switch off
  • Included mass temperature sensor with bend protection
  • quick response
  • Temperature sensor with bend protection
  • Temperature sensor Fe-CuNi type J
  • continuous Fe-CuNi line ensures precise temperature value
  • high quality and durable PLC components (KEB)
  •   Filter unit of the vacuum system with a bypass line,
  Cleaning possible during operation
  • Synchronized continuous running of the dosing unit
  • Made in Austria
  • High quality ceramic heater with air cooling
  • Made in Austria
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