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 We are a private owned family company and specialized in the field of produce and refurbishing old extruders, extrusion lines resp. special machines of well known suppliers in the market of plastic machinery.Over the past years we can proudly look back to more than 100 fully reconditioned machines with many statisfied costumers throughout the world market.

Also we offer to support you with the necessary equipment for your production with the help of our numerous contacts and partners in the plastics machinery business.

Why a refurbished extruder is often the better choice compared to a new extruder:

  •      Price-performance ratio
  •      The most technically robust construction of the older year's extruders
  •      Proven process units for the most popular extruder models are available in various performances

This is what our machine refurbishment includes:

  • Complete disassembling of the machine
  • Cleaning and new painting
  • Quality check of gears including repairing and new sealing
  • New bearings and overhauling of all electrical drives
  • Retrofitting of electrics and mechanics according to customers request
  • Installation of a new future-oriented touch screen control
  • exchange the main drive to AC on customer request
  • Complete functional test under dry running conditions (if request during your presence)

We are always interested in buying old extruders and extruder-parts.Please send us some photos and technical data of your old machine and we will make you an offer in return.

We can also refurbish your extruder and we customize to your liking.

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